Welcome to the homepage of kennel GIRLS BEST FRIENDS!

Dogs have been a big part of my life since I was born. A few years ago a special place developed in my heart for chihuahuas. My first chihuahua was born in Estonia and came from the kennel Ratio Vivendi. As it's owner, Valeria Kaljuorg,  said to me there can never be too many chihuahuas. Soon a black beauty called Baltic Delight Nikolleta-Night Star arrived at my home followed by a jolly male Tsvetok Elfov Je'Taime from russia and from Latvia Lanas Legacy Oskar. When choosing the dogs in addition to the outer beauty and a balanced nature I have paid great attention to the genealogy of the dogs.  This breed has facinated me with it's loyal and intelligent nature.  As it comes to breeding I am still at the beginning of a long journey. My goal is to select only the physically and mentallt healthy dogs whose descendants would be great company for their owners and also may take part in exhibitions.

Since may 2015 i´m active member of Estonian Chihuahua Club managment

My chihuahuas are small diamonds who bring joy to your day!